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Global Force, Inc., a Michigan Sub-S Corporation, was founded by Randy Bassin in 2004 as a solution to his customer’s business process challenges of continued expansion while pricing pressures increased.  Mr. Bassin, in parallel with his US company, also founded iForce Pro Services, Private Limited in Cochin, India.  These two companies became the vehicle whereby Global Force customers could reduce costs while maintaining quality, reliability, and accountability through the relationship with the US Company and its American business philosophies.

Global Force, Inc., through its technology endeavors, has since launched its subsidiaries, Global Force Productions and e-You Web Services, with the needed skills provided by its India-based sister company, iForce Pro Services.  Global Force has become a provider of professional services to its US-based customers, including business process outsourcing (BPO), offshore flex-staffing solutions, and a myriad of creative services including its e-You Web Services, 3D Virtual Tours, Graphics Services, and 3D Animation/Visual Effects services.

Mr. Bassin, President of Global Force, USA and Managing Director of iForce, India, said, "Today's technology has fewer boundaries and crosses more business sectors than we have ever seen.  It is now more important that we, as a professional services provider, exploit our technology resources to provide an equally diverse family of services to our new and existing customers, giving them more value choices with a single point of contact."

On the development side of Global Force, innovative technology use is evidenced by their risky, but gutsy and imaginative "agile" approach to programming putting the dynamically changing customer requirements and business conditions ahead of traditional formalism and protocol within the software development life cycle.  And on the creative side of the business, they are using many 3D technologies and visual effects film-making techniques to deliver what feels like real, walk-through tours of homes that have not yet been built.

At Global Force Productions, they have partnered with a US-based production company in Huntington, West Virginia, Trifecta Productions, to produce a compelling new approach to 3D animation in a short film.  Besides some compelling new cinemagraphic techniques used to tell this story, it is no secret that the film industry is looking down every avenue for more effective cost-cutting measures while producing increasingly creative and innovative feature films. Randy, who is the Executive Producer/Writer of the screenplay, tells us about their very effective approach to cost. “We have found a powerful hybrid of talent and production capacity by combining our own 3D Art Team in south India, Music Composers out west, and Trifecta’s production team and editing facilities in West Virginia. This hybrid provides Global Force with all of the resources needed for a production of any magnitude, without a Hollywood price tag.”  Principle filming was completed at Trifecta last summer with over eight hours of high-definition rough cuts ‘in the can’ and 3D animation work is currently underway in India. 

While Global Force has its roots in BPO services, its founder, Randy Bassin, has always had a passion for 'everything technology'.  With a background in Computer Science and programming and telecom experience dating back to the late 70's, Mr. Bassin has acknowledged and responded to a vast under-utilization of the social contributions of technology.  In the late 90's, Randy, founded Philanthrotech and Altrutech, http://www.altrutech.org, two non-profit organizations designed to help all kinds of kids by providing educational, emotional, and physiological enrichment to children affected by sickness, disability, and poverty through the use of new technology. Learning skills, coping skills, and goal-setting efforts were positively impacted by many of their compelling programs.

In November 1999 the Grand Rapids Press voted Randy Bassin as one of ten people to watch in technology in the new millennium, http://www.altrutech.org/pipress991121.PDF.  Now, Randy is not only providing US businesses with technology services from south India, but he and his family is also furthering their altruistic interests by developing a unique model for an organization of orphanages throughout India to rescue homeless children from impoverished lives and physical abuse.  As a result of charity work done in India over the last several years, and personal accounts by some of their Indian employees, the Bassin family has come to realize the overwhelming needs of helpless, abused children throughout a country that is a third the size of the US, but with nearly four times the population.  We will see more details on the program in the coming months as Bassin prepares to kick off the new US non-profit corporation to support these efforts.